Slush Science Track

Shine Light in the Darkness

29.11.–1.12. at Slush, Helsinki, Finland

Would you like to see the future? Slush Science Track bridges the unnecessary gap between science and the startup world. Why? Because all innovations come from science. Today’s findings will lead to products years later. Slush Science Track gathers top-quality research under one roof so that all us science lovers can take a peek into the future.

 Slush Science Track is organized by Kaskas Media together with Slush. If you would like to see more collaboration, more evidence-based solutions for the wicked problems and more brilliant research and research-based startups, Slush Science Track is for you.

We have a winner! The Skolar Award 2016 goes to....

How do the Skolar Award pitches look through the eyes of an artificial intelligence?


Dec 1st on the Green Stage

Our brilliant keynote speakers will provide striking examples of what happens when cutting-edge research meets fearless startup ideology.

Jason Tetro, The Germ Guy

“When you look at research, you should never expect it to have a product in mind.”

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Maija Itkonen, CEO, Gold&Green Foods

"If you really want to produce something new you also have to research things."

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They were there


Michael Stein, professor, CEO of ProVince Tx


Rowland Manthorpe, start editor, Wired


Alf Rehn, professor, Åbo Akademi University

They were there last year

(and loved it)

Scientists took the stage at Slush for the first time last year, and the crowd went absolutely bananas. How was it to step into the bright lights? What happened afterwards? What do they think now, a year later, was the best takeaway from the experience?

Virpi Muhonen:

If you can’t pitch your research, you need to rethink what you’re doing.” 

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Vincenzo Cerullo:

“Slush gives you the opportunity to really think about the importance of your research.” 

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Katri Saarikivi:

“All innovations are based on new understanding of the world.” 

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En skola = School in our lovely second official language Swedish

Scholar = A person who sits on a treasure trove filled with new knowledge

Skolar is a school for researchers, created by researchers. Skolar teaches researchers how to communicate their beautiful science in an interesting way. When science is understandable, it is also effective.

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